Born: 1965 Mannheim, SW Germany
Grew up in F-tal near Karlsruhe, SW Germany

First Instrument
empty Coffee caddys
1977 started to learn drums
1978 interests in electronic devices and circuits
1979 got my first drum kit and practised a lot
1981 drummer in my first school band
1983 first band rock contest , 7th place
1985 bought my first own (5000 Yamaha Series) drum kit, won 1st place band contest
1988 moving to berlin
12/11/1989 live playing at the wall(Reichstag Berlin) with the unknown band youth&age
1990/1991 some drum recordings for the studio album with youth&age
1992-1993 founded the band Hazchem and performed live at several locations and made a CD
1992-1994 studying at SAE College Berlin
1994 several musical drum projects
1994-1995 jobs in a video synchron company and audio assistence for a german TV channel
1995 started programming first own music on atari PC and Creator Sequencer
1996 started writing own songs (bloodbath) and lyrics and got an second hand aria pro2 guitar
1997 bought an Adat digital 8 trk audio recorder and a fender jp bass, morley wahwah and Braun Oral-B (I Knew It) to record my first songs
1999 started to produce and record songs with first G4 Power Mac bought second hand studio camcorder to shoot first video takes
2000-2001 composing and recording cromeye songs, shooting on video takes
2002 bought a canon XL1s camcorder, wideangle lens and FU 1000 viewfinder to make various video takes
2003-2004 composing and recording cromeye songs
2005 bought my Mac Powerbook G4 to convert old songs write and record new ones
2006-2007 composing and recording cromeye songs
2008 first ideas for a CD cover and other designs
2009build my cromeye logo with freehand and after effects, additional editing my first video with final cut
2010 starting the cromeye web project
2011 uploading "THIS" Trailer at YOU TUBE at 08.12.2011, editing Bloodbath4christmas Version starting shooting and editing "Bloodbath" Video2011 uploading "CROMEYE SHOP OPEN NOW"
08/2012 cromeye shop going online 2021 releasing my first cromeye cd, shooting a drum solo video
beatles, 10cc, rolling stones, frank zappa, deep purple, led zeppelin, iron maiden, motörhead, cream, eric clapton, yello, sade, the the, slipknot,marilyn manson, filter, carolyn mas, yes, police, prince, dire straits, king crimson, metallica, depeche mode, the who, stuck mojo, pink floyd, bob marley, santana, henry rollins, limp bizkit, moby, peter gabriel, genesis, phil collins, madonna, white noise, jimi hendrix, van halen, the cure, julian cope, sting, rage against the machine, radiohead, everlast, korn, rush, randy newman, level42, B-52s, talking heads, the tubes, spliff, the doors, david bowie, bob marley, iggy pop, lou reed and many more
Favorite Drummers
thomas lang, steve gadd, vinnie colaiuta, simon phillips, steward copeland, bill bruford, dave weckl, chad wackerman, charlie antolini, joey jordison, terry bozzio, chester thomson, billy cobham, neil peart, curt cress, sheila E, Benny Greb, earl harvin, jojo mayer, tony royster jr. and more

favorite guitarists
steve vai, michael blank, frank zappa, david thorn, mark knopfler, prince, carlos santana, jimi hendrix, eddy van halen, alan holdsworth

favorite bassplayers
stanley clarke, mick karn, mark king, tony levin


herbie hancock, jon lord

favorite soundengineers
Quincy Jones, Peter Gabriel, Holger Meyer, Greg Fidelman